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360° Service for
our Customers

We deliver all-in-one Solutions and
guarantee highest Quality, Precision Tooling

“Our aspiration: being the best and most reliable partner
customers from the engineering sector can imagine.
By offering not only high performing technologies but also excellent consultancy in order to achieve the best outcome – together!”

Bänninger Global Tooling encompasses a strong foundation with a history going back over one hundred years. Bänninger Global Tooling began its journey as a former toolmaker for foundry tools and pattern making.  It later moved into forming, clamping and cutting tools for  Bänninger; the world-renowned fitting manufacturer from Germany.

This strong knowledge base has been continuously expanded in order to produce complex components at the highest level for customers from all sectors of industry. We plan, design and manufacture exclusively in our plant in Hesse, Germany. Today, worldwide, the company is highly regarded in the manufacturing industry – and is a well-respected supplier for complex and demanding components that require major production experience and accurate precision.

All our products run through three major stages to ensure high process reliability.

Planning and Designing

Construction and Finish

Testing and Measurment

Precision parts manufacturing.
Tolerances in the μm range are our daily practice.

Our extensive range of machinery enables us to perform all manufacturing processes directly from our premises.

Our customers appreciate the option of having complete assemblies manufactured in-house by our experienced team. Fewer interfaces also means lower costs. If special machining processes cannot be completed in-house, for example, in the area of finishing, we join forces with expert partners who meet our high-quality standards.

The following finishing processes are part of our service portfolio:

  • Heat Treatment: Plasma nitriding, vacuum hardening, case hardening, teniferizing, long‑term gas nitriding.
  • Surface Coating: Anodizing, hard anodizing, burnishing, ceramic coating, chemical and galvanic zinc and nickel plating, powder coating, chrome plating, TIN coating, CrN coating, rubber coating.

For our high-precision manufacturing, we plan each part of the process in thorough detail. This starts with a deep understanding of the customers requirements, designing, planning and simulating the process from raw material to an accurate, finished product. Our customers have the possibility to be directly integrated into the preparation process or to use our full-service approach.

Our machinery enables us to meet highest precision requirements. Hosting automated in‑process controls during the manufacturing process which means we can produce efficiently and accurately.

3D-measuring machines are part of our precision control, coupled with document protocols, which enable us to deliver according to customer requirements. To produce cost effectively we extended our machinery to automated production.

Equally important to our high-end technical equipment is our knowledge and expertise of production. This extensive all-round capability makes it possible to reliably achieve high precision.

There are many ways to realise our customers ideas.
Of course we can produce from different raw materials.

To be able to get the best results we have a broad variety of machines to choose from. No matter what the task we have state of the art miller, turning and grinding machines. Some of them even combine various processes in a single unit.

From CNC up to 9-axis machinery.
Another reason, why we are able to solve our customers problems.

  • CNC and conventional milling
  • CNC and conventional turning
  • CNC surface grinding
  • CNC and conventional cylindrical grinding
  • Laser engraving
  • Vibratory grinding
  • Blasting
  • Surface finishing