About us

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We are Bänninger Global Tooling

Rich in Experience, Focused on the Future.
Leading Progress and Innovation.

Our Mission.

Some call it profession, we call it passion. For more than 100 years we have followed our desire for progress and innovate in all areas of parts manufacture. Initially, we started as an internal service provider for our Conex and Bänninger brands, supplying tooling to meet the high quality standards expected in the manufacture of the products.
Due to our passion for supplying the industry with relevant solutions, we later launched these services to the global market. Our enthusiasm for technology drove us to a constant growth of our expertise in machining technology, materials and processing. Always with highest demands for reliability, durability and customer service.

What we stands for:

  • Precision and technology – made in Germany
  • Providing customer-centric service and support
  • Achieving the highest requirements with our know‑how, experience and innovations
  • Being well renowned as an outstanding manufacturing service provider
  • Offering the best possible technical solutions in terms of expertise, technologies and machines
  • Continuously improving our service as a technical engineering consultant and partner to optimize product quality and efficiency for our customers
  • Complying with social and environmental standards
  • Respecting and investing in our people – the backbone of our company

Made for Industry.

Our best marketing are our happy customers. Industrial customers from a wide range of sectors have placed their trust in our services for over 100 years.  From small to large clients, we can create a bespoke service to cater for all requirements. What do our pleased customers from different industries all have in common? They need high precision and very durable products. Made by Bänninger Global Tooling. Made in Germany. 

Industries that we served include:

  • Printing machinery
  • Ultrasonic technology
  • Automotive
  • Rubber
  • Measuring technology
  • Optical
  • Sintering
  • And many more…

Aware of our foundations and optimistic about our future.

Our People.

Ensuring high standards through training. The growing complexity of our manufacturing practices and the growth of digitalisation in production requires comprehensive understanding and training. We, at Bänninger Global Tooling remain ahead of the trends by ensuring all of our team are trained regularly and to current standards, ensuring the highest service levels and quality can be delivered to our clients.

Our people are at the heart of our business, and we take pride in ensuring development of our teams to cement long‑term service and consistency for our clients. From new starters to long-term personnel, we invest in all, equally, to ensure everyone is at the same service levels required to deliver for the industries and clients that we serve today. People are the backbone of our future.

We are constantly improving our team with new skilled coworkers. Our goal, to achieve the best products is driven by our team. Are you looking for a great opportunity in our team?